Calories Burned During Archery

Archery is a great activity that helps people develop muscles and hand-eye coordination. It also might be good for losing weight. Learn about how many calories are burned while shooting a traditional bow and arrow.

Burning Calories

Working out on some of the weight-lifting equipment can become a little boring after a while. It is very good when people want to focus on very specific muscle groups, but what should people do if they want to build up muscles to perform very specific tasks? Perhaps, people might want to consider some of the following advantages of bow hunting over other exercises or recreational activities:

  • Whenever
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Recreation
  • Food
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Upper Body
  • Minimal Investment

Archers don’t need to jump in the car, change clothes and visit a gym during its open hours when they have a bow and arrow. They can simply set up a target in their backyard. Archers can work out whenever, they want.

This is also a good do-it-yourself recreation. It only takes a minimal investment. People only need to purchase a bow and arrow set. It is easy to print out different targets to remain engaged.

Families can learn safe bow hunting. Children could use a plastic bow and arrow set. They can start off by retrieving the arrows from the target.

Gradually, children might learn discipline, hand-eye coordination and the skill of shooting arrows. This could be useful later in life. Children might get more excited about bow hunting, then working out at the local club.

Hand Eye Coordination

Those who become very proficient at hunting can put food on the table. Meat can be very expensive in the grocery store. Plus, much of it is full of unhealthy hormones and fillers. You can put healthy, great-tasting meat on your family’s table.

Animal trophies are impressive signs of achievement. They show off the skills of the best hunters. They not only have a healthy workout and stronger upper body muscles, but they also develop hand-eye coordination.

This can be very useful for those who play other sports. Shooting a basketball or throwing a football might have similar mechanics. There are also more variations in successfully measuring progress.

With traditional weight equipment, people can increase the weight or number of reps. Archers can improve their accuracy, power or distance. They will fine tune their muscle responses as they aim for the Bull’s eye.

Archers could set up various targets, such as watermelons to measure power. As they gain more muscle bulk, they can also shoot the arrows farther. They might even try to set speed records – how many arrows fired in certain amount of time. Archers can set personal goals and compare their progress to others.

Healthy Exercise

Bow hunting calorie burning involves your body’s exertion in firing an arrow through a target. Generally, the average man will burn 6 calories per minute and the average woman will burn 5 calories per minute while bow hunting.

The exertion involved with bow hunting could be compared to moderate effort tasks, such as carpentry, golf and masonry. The bow naturally offers resistance training. It is easy to gradually progress.

How does this compare to sitting around watching the television? Actually, men and women both burn about 1 calorie per minute simply watching television. Therefore, archery can provide you with about 4 times the fat burning power.

So, people can have fun burning calories. Archers know the secret to staying fit and learning a great skill.

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