Best Weight Loss Exercise For Home/Beginners

Losing those extra inches can be tough at times but you have to go to sweat it out. In this article, we will be covering exercise that will help you lose fat. These exercises will not help you build muscles. Exercise is to be followed by stretching. Do not stretch before exercising. After exercising and stretching, do not lie on your bed or do not sit. Try to walk for a few minutes and then relax. Do not consume any energy drink or any other liquid directly after exercise, wait for the sweat to dry. Eat banana or any other food item before workout that increases your blood sugar levels and boosts glycogen levels. The exercise to reduce weight are discussed as follows:


To reduce the overall fat of your body, you need to run. Running burns lot of calories and the body fat is evenly reduced from all over the body. It isn’t specifically targeted to any region. If you run for nearly thirty minutes, you will burn around 300 calories. Definitely longer workouts will burn more calories. But excessive runs can cause muscle tear, do not over-do it. Increase your stamina every day bit by bit.

Abdominal Crunches

Performing abdominal crunches will strengthen your stomach muscles and burn the belly fat. But it works effectively if you do them on a regular basis. Doing crunches for nearly five minutes will help you burn nearly 25 calories. You can perform a crunch by lying face up on the floor. Bend your knees. Put your hands behind your neck and curl up. Begin with 10 crunches in three sets every day and then increases five crunches in every 2-3 days. This figure is for beginners but may vary with a person’s stamina. If you start performing extreme exercises in the beginning, your body will get tired easily. You will not be able to continue the exercise for longer periods.

Leg Circles

Leg circles not only help in burning belly fat but also help shape up your thighs. Lay flat on your back. Arms on your sides. Both legs relaxed. Then raise one leg up and make a circle. Perform the same with the other leg counter-clockwise.

Leg Ups

When you lift your leg, it works your lowers abs. If you feel leg ups are light, then you can do V-ups. In V-ups, you have to raise your arms and legs simultaneously while lying flat on the ground. You can switch to side leg lifts to reduce fat on outer thighs and hips.


If you are not able to hold your plank for 120 seconds, then you need to start working out. Start holding the plank with 15-20 seconds. Planks are basically performed to strengthen core. Rolling planks help reduce belly fat. It is similar to a normal, all you need to do is move to and fro for the next thirty seconds, after holding plank for thirty seconds.

If you include these exercise in your daily exercise circuit, it will help you reduce weight. It is advised that a healthy diet is observed while exercising.

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